Which constellation of men most to give you a sense of security


Most girls want their boyfriend boyfriend is a man full force, capable of when they are most needed, give yourself care and attention they can all the time can feel its presence, is the sense of security from his body envelop.So the twelve constellations, which constellation of men most to give you a sense of security it?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it.  1, do you think the boys must have muscle it?  → 2 → 4 is not necessarily → 3 2, out to dinner with her boyfriend, who is paying the money?  Your boyfriend → 4 → 3 AA system → 6 3, you think the humor of the boys fly it?  Fly do not fly → 4 → 7 OK → 5 4, your own little temper more than you?  A lot of → 6 → 7 much better → 8 5, the boys would play the piano is not particularly attractive?  Yes → 7 → 8 better than → 6 6, if the boys often to buy you a gift, you would do in return?  → 9 → will not look at the situation claim 7 → 10 7, is not spoiled girls?  Yes → 10 → 8 is not necessarily → 9 8, you can accept much higher than their boyfriend?  Ten centimeters →?Five centimeters → 9 fifteen cm → 10 9, your favorite uncle mature type of guy you?  Like do not like → d → B do not resent → 10 10, which of the following do you think her boyfriend move full force?  A bag help his girlfriend pay → →?Greetings → B Click Next to see the answer!The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Happiness is a warm you


In October 2006 one morning, a southern remarkable institutions being infiltrated getting stronger in the autumn in a whirlwind of no less than seven news quickly spread that the whole school is well known in the school beauty school, sophomore girls Yao month He dropped out.From the school came news: Yao month forced to quit school because of family tragedies!10 May 19 night, month and returned to Yanji City, Jilin Province.A rundown little house is her empty house.Month is a pale, thin girl, like her formative years, it is a large barren wilderness, the void was so heart pain.In 1984, the month was born in a moonlight winter.Perhaps it is doomed her life lonely and cold-blooded.Sixth grade, she was already a handsome and intelligent girl.Dusk, she was carrying a bag full of fallen leaves through the alleys, she was humming a song all the way teachers teach just go home.She is happy, like trees or the forest sky lark.But when she completed the alley, he heard the roar of his father and mother cries, like a sharp arrow flying, turned the moment she saw the shape of fear, they are sharp, strike a barren heart one slice.There is a home, but it seems to be a bottomless well of black.Father like mad, grabbed his mother’s hair severely to hit the wall of cement, mother naked, goes face good strange ah, twisted terror, and hatred.The other end of the room a man curled up, his hands were tied, wearing a pair of gray shorts, shivering back to the door.She wanted to run away, run as far, but can not move.Tears suddenly out in force, quietly, in the face of despair rushes.Mother looked up, stared at her.She held his breath, in the heart of another second, five seconds.Five seconds later, the mother’s eyes slide over her face, mouth twitched easy smile.She remembered his mother’s face, she looked at her mother would rather cry.She thought that if the mother watching her cry, she might forgive her, but his mother laughed.She knew, after five seconds stalemate, she has become the mother of an abandoned child.Mother had gone to live with her grandmother.Low houses, pungent flavor briquettes.She determined effort to study hard, dim lighting is often a bright night.A few years later, her wish was admitted to the prestigious universities in the South that.Grandma pleased to say: monthly, boy, rain comes, you will have a good home.At that time she was a quiet girl slender, chewing her grandmother, then puzzled muttering: month it also has a good home?Grandma distressed and said: Silly boy, no matter Kan Bukan get me, God has eyes, you must have a good home.However, only sophomore, her life would train roared fall into the dark valley.Father involved in a drug trafficking case, into the prison, a month after learning of the news, kindly grandmother oil burnout, swallowed their anger died.She packed their bags and declined to retain and support the school, simply do a withdrawal procedures.But she was a daughter guilty of drug trafficking.She could not get rid of the guilt go hand in hand, her life will be saddled with the stigma of tattoos punishment, cold everywhere, and the line and a lifetime of pain.Her grandmother hid in a small room all day sleeping.Late at night, she sat up in the dark, learned to smoke.Long hair brushed face, she played with your fingers twist wisp, cigarette butts handed on red, little by little hissing watch them struggle, turned into ashes.Who said your body is affected by the parents?Well, then, if we can again, she would not hesitate to jump into a pot of fire, escaped this whole life.Now, in her life, was just a shortage of decadent solo, she hated them – the two gave her life who is called the father of the man and woman are called mother.End of November 2006, the late autumn sunshine sparse, month and found a job: assistant beauticians a beauty salon in the city of Yanji.A month behind closed doors, she was white as a piece of tissue paper.The manager told her over and over again, to smile.Move her mouth, but only one light passing shadow.A week later, she and seven girls were taken to the provincial capital with the head office centralized training one hundred days.The day before leaving, she knelt in front of her grandmother’s ashes, do not speak, tears streaming face.She asked in my heart cries: Grandma, where in the month of destination?where is it?The provincial capital has a gorgeous head office on large buildings with colored glass Lang Yanxia shuttle stylish woman, the whole wall of water toward the street, quiet and clean streets, lined with tall and thick French-wu.The breaks, month and stood fifth floor window to see those leaves falling from the trees, she thought, if she threw myself down, and they might as lithe.Three days later, month and he saw Qin side, a gentle man in his early thirties.Qin party headquarters next door runs a computer firms, as head of training and headquarters familiar, then pulled over to act as a temporary training target.Month with warm water to his cleansing.This month is the first contact with a man’s face, bushy eyebrows, lips good-natured, rough lines, aquiline nose.He obedient beauty lying in bed.Smiled and said to month: my skin is rough, hand-Key’s okay.Pretty trainers came to teach hands fingering month, she suddenly opened the month of hand, almond eyes wide open, snapped up chatter: hand so cool, how can I bear customer?That ye put on more clothes would not listen, I love to stay home as early as possible Qiao month Zhengzhu liter, yes, she is cold, although the room temperature in open air conditioning, she still chills, she did not bring enough clothes, Moreover, she was short of money, there is no good with clothes.Qin side was anxious, he kept saying nothing is really nothing a little, I really like, cool a little better, I feel very comfortable, very gentle, do not lie to you, really.Trainer Dagehaha he left.Monthly eyes suddenly welled up tears, except my grandmother, she can not remember who else inclusive maintain her.Experience in the rain used to, Hema she can remain indifferent, but even if one regards private savings can easily Rexia her a bunch of tears.She blinked hard, sunny, life and life to be forced back tears.Qin Fang stared at her, he feared the girl would cry, but no.In the evening, go out month across the cafeteria to eat, through the computer line, Qin Fang stopped her.What happened today, I’m sorry.Qin Fang said, can you eat it?However, to do it yourself.Month hesitated for a moment, she nodded yes.This is a business and room and board as one of the house.Qin side by magic out of eggs, meat and vegetables from the fridge.Kitchen is small, to help stir month shame eggs, chopped vegetables and pork, the meat dishes Qin Fang familiar to stir the pot, a moment effort, three hot soup put on the living room table.Qin Fang kept busy month hold rice and take their food, a month trance moment, and this is clearly a warm feeling of home, she does not remember a time when there have been.Winter has arrived.December 23, 2006, on the eve of her birthday, month accidentally saw the woman abandoned her – her mother.Just after nine o’clock in the morning, she was carrying a small purse, wearing a knee leather, walked straight up to the beauty bed room to lie down, she saw next to a wearing masks month, casually asked: Griffin?Month nod.From the moment I saw her, in the month of hearts tremble.She hated this woman.Only a short period of five seconds, a woman is like discarded rags, like abandoned her.Her hand quivered disobedient.Women feel strange, the girl looks so familiar, her dream had appeared thousands of times those eyes.Please take off the masks?She suppressed excitement, softly pleading month.Month took a deep breath, close your eyes and suddenly ripped off the mask, a Qing-Xiu Zhang exposed in front of a woman’s face.Woman suddenly tearful: Monthly!You are month!my daughter!Month out of control shouting: I hate you!hate you!hate you!She has said this woman was the mother, however, it was only once.Month asked Qin side I can go to the woman’s family it?She put all his mother told him, but she concealed the father, he said his father died. Qin Fang said why not, at least she is your mother, at least, that she ask you to go, but you also want to see how well she had.She came to the mother’s home.Lavish big house, nanny after him five or six little brother fed, month and stood in the living room, mother in her Xiaoping Guo.A fat middle-aged man sprawled half lying on the sofa at her faint smile.Monthly mind gush scene a decade ago: a man wearing shorts shivering hands tied behind.Burst of nausea, she turned and stormed out.Behind came the tearful mother with a shout.She clenched teeth, desperately running all the way.At night, she huddled in the computer room of the Qin Fang watch movies online.”Perfect World”, Butch said to Philip: Listen, children in the United States, you have the right to eat cotton candy and roller coaster.Tears flowed involuntarily, how also to rub endless.Qin Fang Lan Guo her shoulder, she was in my arms.They quietly without saying a word.His warm embrace such ease, his heartbeat heard a voice in the ear, so clear and powerful.She fell in love with this embrace, and his body warm breath.Qin side won her face with her fingers through my hair, carefully wipe away her tears, ditan soon, lingering kiss her.Tears welled up again.Where is the house?Where tomorrow?Regardless of Jinxi evening, she was willing to do the end of time.At night, in a cold sweat month awakened from a dream, she dreamed of that scene a decade ago, the fear like a sharp knife.She wished the woman took her in my arms, but no, the woman let her smile upside down hairs.Qin side held out his arm tightly around her, behind her said: month, I always feel you are not hot Wu.To lay down their hatred, okay?Month back close to his chest, tears pouring.She was crying because she was known as the father of the man about to be sentenced to death.She could not stop to miss grandma.December 24th birthday, she decided to go back to visit.She took leave of absence to head office, Qin Fang accompany her grandmother’s cottage back to Yanji.A big moon, coldly, hanging in the sky.Month kneeling in front of her grandmother’s ashes, and dialogue in the heart grandmother.Grandma says, month, month, moon night of the big ah.Month, she said her grandmother, his father is coming to see you, and ye shall reunited.Qin Fang knelt down next month, Qin Fang said: Grandma, month is a good girl, you worry, I will take good care of her.You’ll be gone, please allow me she had this birthday.On the table a box of birthday cake, studded with twenty-two colorful candles, candles are among five red italics: Qin Fang love month.Qin side lit candle, his face was shiny red candle, he looked at her tenderly, took her hand and let her make a wish, then waited for her to blow out the candle, to complete the ritual of twenty-two.Happiness instantly gripped month.But how long can have happiness?She is the daughter of a drug trafficking committed, people curse the man reviled, is her father.Her eyes closed, hands clasped together.Let it happy postponed indefinitely.Night after night, the nightmare still haunts her.Middle of the night woke up, cold sweat oozes.Qin Fang Xiang into her own chest, with chest and her warm breath in her ear muttered: afraid, there I am, there I am.Her face was like ice floating on the water, haggard and pale.do you know?Wu put you warm is my happiness, you are always so cold.Qin Fang said.In January 2007, a snowflake fluttered in the afternoon, month and saw the prison’s father.Father unkempt, unshaven.Month probe clutching the iron bars of the window, a desolate heart sorrow and grief.My father said: month, Dad I’m sorry you.Well you people, find a good husband.Month uncontrollably crying, weeping, she said her grandmother died, my father.One by one you do not care I do not I, also called the month how to live?Father hung his head, tears came down, I hear is silence.Snow outside, the vast Sky.High kick low kick to go back every month, Qin Fang suddenly found motionless standing in the snow at her blankly like a silly snowman.Month heart instantly pulled into a group, in the end is known, then the Qin side, we never goodbye.She pulled out the cell phone battery, thrown into the snow.Straggled back to the city is already dim light.She went into a twenty four hour cafe, looking for a vacant computer access, she gave a message in the QQ Qin side, she quickly knock out a line and a line of words Dear Qin side, my daughter is guilty of drug trafficking I have not thought about playing deceive you, just because self-esteem.I hate my father, mother, they caused my misery, but I can not like to hate them as enemies, my body flow with their blood, this blood can not afford to death also deny.I long to the verge of suffering one cleaving.Honey, thank you I have been warm, inclusive me.Now, I no longer expect.Do not look for me, and never meet, I wish you happiness!Midnight cafe filled with many sleepless souls, month and hold the arm, hit a huge sense of loneliness, like being thrown into a deserted island, there are countless stars in the rotating head, she finally can not hold, and fell to sleep.Month wake up in a small clinic in the morning sunlight at the snow outside the house, reflecting the bright light.The doctor told her, shortly after midnight, is the owner of Internet cafes knocked on his door and brought her here.You’re too weak, we need to convalesce.The doctor looked at her pale face, gave her a few packs of pills.Where to go next?She thought of her mother, but then she denied her.She wanted to go back to Grandma’s cabin, but no energy to go home.She made a telephone call in a telephone booth to leave the headquarters, then in the quiet alley street law Wu rented a small private house, she had stood on the fifth floor, to see where the words written lease.She rarely went out.Once she happened to see Qin side in the mouth of the alley, he hurried out from headquarters.She left a thin back.Tears in my eyes the moment.Yes, he lost.He received her message yet?A deceived his daughter guilty of drug trafficking, he might have been forgotten.Just to see him at that moment, she was in great pain, curled pain.A week later, the body has been weak recovery.Afternoon, she went to the cafe owner thanks.The lanky young man friendly to pour her seat, and asked her casually on the Internet.Information she bored login QQ, as the tide of overwhelming coming.She was shocked.Men have all the information from that side Jiaoqin.She held her hand over her mouth to keep from tearing out of control.Month, I love you, no matter what you have life experience.Did you hear that?No matter who you are your daughter, you are my month.I have always know that you have a mind, you see day in jail, in addition to shock, I just feel bad.You have to believe that my happiness is warm you, how can you and I are separated, how can?Dense word, every ten minutes is a line.He has been kept calling her.I was sick, month.I’m looking for you everywhere, where are you?Come back, month, I am almost desperate.Tears fills the eyes, blurred vision.Next month, raising his hand to wipe a look down, and then look down and then rub a.Suddenly dialog box again jumped out the words: month, I decided to look for you tomorrow, you might go to a place.It takes me a temporary suspension of business, but I have to do it, I really can not do without you.Month, where is your?Tears flow face.Month trembling knock out the words: Dear.I am here, has been on your side recommend the latest information for your sauna

Test your love why do not last always


Love is happy, but always continue a relationship does not seem easy.Whether their own or close friends, lovers are always on-again, my heart wants to hope may grow old, but the reality may not always satisfactory.Why do you love does not last long?Love to do this test to see it.When you go out to dinner with a friend when a la carte, Which of the following is your approach?A, to the other person first point B, let a friend casually point C, even if you have a bunch of points, or points on his favorite d, do not need to look at the menu, and directly to their favorite spot on the A, you always insensitive, I do not know how to seize the happiness around, or else no way postures, gentle treat lover, always punctual, do not let the other side know how to play some small tricks obediently into your arms, and let people think you’re just wrong they like ordinary friends, this will miss out on a lot of opportunities.B, you are a good friend but certainly not a good lover, perhaps in the middle of the development of your friends will not let you love people often jealous lover.In your body there are often a lot of inexplicable moral pressure, make you feel obliged to be responsible for a number of related people around, you tend to ignore the man most responsible of.C, as long as you are a discovery to himself like each other, in the end people will just keep you single-minded and serious about love, but this does not need to make you worry about your lover, over the fire of love, the other is often burned overwhelmed, feeling bound by, with no private space, and finally even friends are hard to do it, you will scare a lot of people are actively oh!d, it seems you are a bit Oh bother, but this is only on the surface it seems that you, in fact you are very single-minded feelings, but less likely to express themselves, because your heart is very afraid of injury, even if the other party like you can not determine your mind and back down, so it will certainly miss a lot of happy match.  You might also like: test you will not be betrayed?  What kind of feelings you will give up your firm he was thinking he would not mind you it is second-hand woman

Touching fatherly love story: I can not grow old father


Father is greater than I for a whole 50-year-old, a late age son, happy place to hang two large firecrackers, put a 10 banquet tables, also opened a bottle store for two years not willing to drink Wuliangye.8 years old, my father took me to learn erhu, from home to the Children’s Palace, a full bike an hour.When I came home from school, he sent me in the past, I have to pick up again 21:00.Home, it was already more than 10 points, I did not eat rice, did not do their homework, we have to continue fighting into the night.So the father decided to buy a motorcycle, so I can go to bed before 11 pm.My mother said: you are so much older, you can learn it?Father clenched fist, while showing arm muscles while lofty, said: Mu Guiying in command of 53-year-old also set off it, I was a Tate’s husband, also is unable to conquer a small motorcycle?His arm muscles baggy, I see a trial of strength muzzled giggle.I was 10 years old, father of 60-year-old, from the day after the units honorable retirement, he would find someone more streets, sets up a shoe repair stand.Low-cost, good job done, often busy and can not come to dinner.Former colleagues strolling to his Tanqian, puzzled laugh: Huang, retirement pay is not enough to spend it?They are such a great age, and also this job.When did you learn this craft of it?Feizhenzouxian father while holding the shoes, while hearty laugh: so young idle, also not free the sick.He looked at gully overgrown face, I suddenly feel a bit embarrassed.I was reading senior that year, his father insisted in rented house near the school, learning to read with others to engage in, also worked tirelessly to put shoe repair stand also moved over.When I was in class, he was at home cooking; I school, he hurried out stalls.Rice made earlier will be cool, but he always time to pinch very accurate, every time I can eat hot meals.May be so, he can only work on an empty stomach, can eat when food has long been cool thoroughly.I helped him to shut the shop, a cobbler middle-aged woman said: You grandchildren are so big ah, then why are you still so desperately?Let reared like a son.I was standing next to his face Huoshaohuoliao, ordered him: they must not stall, the family are not too poor to do nothing to boil!He Lianyi Chen, said angrily: I was so young, but also more Zhengdian!Say this, he was 68 years old, tall waist had been somewhat stooped.College, away from home, my father and I rarely see each other, all the exchanges rely on a thin phone line to maintain.He was always on the phone said: what to buy what to buy, do not be too shabby, I was still young, you support it.After graduation, I stayed in the big city, work and life stress yourself farther and farther away from the distant parents, even the phone played less.Occasionally play in the past, that the father or cliches: everything at home, I was so young, to have any thing ah?Work hard on the outside, Biexia worry!Heard him say this, I really little to worry about, even love, to buy a house but also peace of mind to accept the parents’ financial support.At this point the father was almost 80 years old, I knew he was no longer young, but I always thought he was at least good health and no disease no disaster.Until the mother’s phone call came, I know that there are so many secrets, I did not know.Father was ill, brain hemorrhage.He always had high blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs can not do without all the year round.He was sick of the shoe Tanqian, burning in the sun at noon baked, young people are shunned, not to mention a nearly ten days old?Father lying in bed, tall body by years of grinding like a thin leaf, sunken eyes, prominent cheekbones, hair was like a puff of white cotton.A week ago, he was still on the phone said to me: I saw I was still young, his father wanted to sit up and try to Queen dry mouth, ready to do a good job of showing the young, but in the end, only issued a very low voice: I have been afraid of old, afraid I am old, you have no father to help, not hurt my father, but I still had the old, so many years, my father has been to motivate yourself with action and language, forced himself keep the young state, good enough to earn me more money, give me enough help, give me enough love, enough to give me calmly and frankly, because I do not have a low self-esteem and self-pity elderly father!And I actually do not understand his father’s care and thought, actually he boasted he was still a young man, who give birth to a trace of disgust and discontent.Now, in the father’s bedside, watching the old rotten wood as a father, I finally could not help but burst into tears.

Ma heart is not in the classic fable


Zhao Xiang Wang learn driving skills to the Prince of.Just getting started soon, he will be the prince of competition to see who run fast carriage.However, he changed three times in a row horse, three games, each far behind the prince of the.Zhao Xiang Wang Oh, unhappy, so he called the Prince of, questioned said: Since you teach me to drive, why not really taught me the ability to complete it?Do you want to hold back?Prince on replied: driving methods, techniques, I have all taught the king.Just when you use some, forgotten essentials.In general, the most important thing is to make the horse while driving an appropriate degree in the cowl, the ease and comfortable; and motorists will have to focus attention on the horse’s body, yourself, the good car, people cooperation and coordination with the action of the horse, so that it can make the car run fast, run far.But just you and me racing, as long as a little behind, your heart is anxious, straining whipping horses, more than I desperately want to; and once I went to the front, but also often look back to wait and see, I’ll catch up with fear you.In short, you are regardless of the horse’s life and death, always want to go in front of me was assured.In fact, in the long-distance race, sometimes in front, sometimes behind, it is normal; and you do, whether leading or lagging behind, always very tense mood, your attention is almost exclusively focused on the outcome of the game , how could adjust to a good horse, the good car it?This is your three matches, three behind the root cause ah.Zhao Xiang Wang heart was not in when the horse racing, which ultimately caused the failure of the lessons Description: Whatever we do, we must concentrate, concentrate, grasp the essentials, excluding utilitarian effort to do everything.If too hard, for fame or fortune tired, they tend to backfire, the result of a mess of things.Moral of the story: Things you need clear targets, concentrate.If you do not concentrate, and the stakes will only consider the individual, it will backfire.Learning, too, only to abandon the distractions and focus in order to make their wisdom and talents into full play, to achieve good results.Whatever we do so, we must concentrate, excluding utilitarian effort to do everything.

Capricorn women still love the performance of his predecessor


Capricorn women still love each other predecessor’s performance will be remembered in my heart, although they said there was no mouth, but his face had betrayed her, you can see from her expression, she absent-minded thoughts of former.  Capricorn women still love the performance of his predecessor Capricorn is a very loyal constellation of love, but we also have cold side, so once they break up, often able to act decisively and make a clean break, no procrastination.And Capricorn do not like to eat grass back, if she had found the love has ended, the situation will not forget the past, so the Capricorn woman still loves former case is relatively small.  But inevitably, there is an exception, because in Capricorn’s heart, the work always comes first, love will be put back to work.So for the other half, they will not demanding too much in front of them, merit is the best, if the former is currently no good, then obviously there will be drop.Plus workaholic is not so in love know how to deal, so if the incumbent does not have the same treatment, so more willing to back the former Capricorn.  Capricorn is a constellation of nostalgic former there will be a long time in her heart, she will not forget, but it will not take the initiative to go back to grass.Even if they want to make to the other outstanding complex, she also restrained mood, do not take the initiative to close, but will afar off each other, and my heart will be a lot of melancholy, this time relatively easy to find.  But Capricorn’s heart is very deep, still in love with his predecessor for this topic, they are not a direct answer, so do not ask if she was still in love with ex.When you mention her predecessor’s time to see her face, is not guilty or melancholy expression, knew she was not still in love with the former. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

In love blindly pay a constellation of female unrequited


Love makes you stupid girl, let them put aside all shrewd intelligence, a moth to a flame become general.As long as people let their loved ones happy, they are not willing to blindly pay cable asking for anything, even if the final result was just memories of sad ending for a hard heart and.So the twelve constellations, what constellation women can do to pay without paying for it?  Two children: it is enough just to accompany two children looks warm, cheerful and clever ingenuity, unlike in love will suffer the type of.But in fact, two children hidden deep inside a lot of loneliness, if someone allows them to trust and open up, they will rely on each other silly.Even if the two sides do not pay on the other, two children do not care, as long as they are accompanied by side like.  Female lion: too proud lion women are willing to pay grid arrogant, passionate and full of charm, but in love, do not want to show weakness female lion sometimes it will face a difficult situation.Obviously we are very spoiled yourself need each other, but it is hypocritical to say the words.Too proud and can not show their real needs, silly female lion sometimes not want to pretend I do not care also continue to pay.  Virgin females: a dedication virgin female modest and restrained, in love once found each other is the person they love, without paying will pay.They instinctive want to take care of each other, make each other feel happy, because in each other’s joy and praise, a full sense of security that they will be able to love.Virgin female great dedication, they will continue to pay with a way to express love.  Know how to make each other feel love paying attention, if other people know how to cherish, so their feelings will become more stable and sweet, but I do not know if the other party returns, but also to see the true face each other as soon as possible.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

How to clean up the twelve constellations bear children


I am afraid that most parents worry about is their own home who Chengri naughty baby bear.The total out with people complaining that they teach also teach do not listen too pipe does not move, can not wait for them to send the Shaolin Temple to forget.Do not hurry, pack bears the child is not impossible, but parents who have not mastered a good way, here we come to teach you how to clean up the inside of the twelve constellations bear children, now!How to pack Aries bear children how to clean up how Taurus bear children pick up on how Gemini bear children packed Cancer bear children how to clean Leo bear children how to clean up the Virgo bear children how to clean up how Libra bear children pack Scorpio bear children how to clean up the Sagittarius bear children how to clean up the Capricorn how to bear a child how to pack Aquarius Pisces bear children bear children to pack first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Law-abiding men never break the law of the constellation


Today’s society is a peaceful society, but also a legal protection by society.Are protected by law must respect the dignity of the law.In the cardinal before the law is a measure of the quality of Libra, will not let a bad guy, compliance has become the duty of every citizen it.In the zodiac, the constellation Some men never break the law has been law-abiding, good citizen.  Taurus man: man is honest and timid Taurus zodiac constellation of the most simple, it’s hard to eat soft food personality, fear of losing, for a trivial tangle.Taurus man’s self-esteem is strong, I like to help needy friends, but hope that their lives will be smooth comfort, swimmingly.Taurus man but timid honest part, only honest to comply before the law, to bring the heart afraid for their own lives unfavorable.  Gemini men: men have a dual personality pursuit of the perfect constellation Gemini, its paranoid personality pessimistic, attentive, and even a little autistic, but the performance in front of outsiders bright sunshine.So behave Gemini man has been positive, Gemini man’s life perfectionist, everything wants to be the best, something like this undermine the discipline of chaos Law never did own reputation.  Sagittarius men: Male sunlight biggest feature is active shooter full of sunshine and love, their lives proactive, hard work, no matter what difficulties will be encountered optimistic.Sagittarius men are not afraid of these character makes them bound by the rules, constraints and more afraid of the law, because they do not know to do anything illegal.In the face of such a large legal regulations, only silence followed, never go against.You might also like: Zodiac how to deal with rumors about his outspoken, saying these signs in someone else’s pain poke single for a long, fire hydrants can unscrew the constellation female face value is not low, but I could not find constellation men and women vote the first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Wallace Chung data, Wallace Chung’s astrolabe


Wallace Chung, Chinese film and television actor, singer.Since “My Sunshine” on the air, Wallace Chung played the perfect man why Chen corner, highly reducing the novel flavor, called the new benchmark of national productions.The play was aired widespread attention, Wallace Chung will be known as “warm man” title.  Next, let’s go take a look at the star chart with analysis of how Wallace Chung bar chart.  Personal information Nickname: Wallace Chung Birthday: at 12:00 on November 30, 1974 Place of birth: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong Longitude: 114.1 (114: 6E) Latitude: 22.2 (22: 12N) time zone: 8 (difference -0: 23: 36), planetary sun position: Sagittarius 07 degrees 34 minutes 10 House Moon: Gemini 14 degrees 34 minutes 4th house Mercury: Scorpio 26 ° 45 9 Gong Venus: Sagittarius 13 degrees 25 minutes 10 house Mars: Scorpio 22 ° 30 9 Temple of Jupiter: Pisces 09 degrees 04 minutes house 1 Saturn: Cancer 18 degrees 13 minutes 5th house Uranus: Scorpio 00 degrees 26 minutes of Neptune house 8: 09 degrees 14 minutes Sagittarius Palace Pluto 10: 08 degrees 42 minutes Libra eighth house rise: 24 degrees 58 minutes Aquarius zenith: 04 degrees 42 minutes Sagittarius house respective positions house 1: 24 Aquarius degrees 58 minutes (up) 2 house: Aries 03 degrees 23 minutes third house: Taurus 07 degrees 00 minutes fourth house: Gemini 04 degrees 42 minutes (nadir) 5th house: Gemini 29 degrees 24 minutes 6 house: Cancer 24 degrees 45 minutes 7th house: Leo 24 degrees 58 minutes (decrease) 8th house: Libra 03 degrees 23 minutes 9th house: Scorpio 07 degrees 00 minutes 10 house: Sagittarius 04 degrees 42 minutes (the zenith) first 11 Palace: Sagittarius 29 degrees 24 minutes 12 house: 24 degrees 45 minutes Capricorn you might also like: orange Day is the date?  Remember, these constellations male love, then do not believe the first Star Games: 2016 12 constellation fortune What is Mercury retrograde?